Top Countries for Expats in Asia

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There are many expatriates and retirees in the Asia-Pacific region. Most of them are Americans and Australians. A significant number of them choose one place where they can spend the rest of their lives. Still, some of them go around and explore just like many other people do. They find what else they can do with their beautiful lives, where they can enjoy, live well, meet other people, and have fun. Below are some of the places we pick for both expats and retirees. We considered some variety of factors including healthcare, cost of living, gaining your rights to stay, crime rates, environmental health, access to social services, etc. To determine these factors, We asked some expats that have lived in the Philippines and Thailand, but that doesn't change the fact that they also tried other countries in Asia. There are some negative things that happen like how hard it is to get permission to stay.


The Philippines

Here comes the Philippines, A great tourist attraction and home of expatriates and retirees in Asia. Most of them are Americans and Australians living in Subic Zambales, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Tagaytay City, and Bonifacio Global City. The crime rate is not low, but also not high depending on which place you'll stay. Gaining your right to stay is easy, and health services are very good. Bonifacio Global City is a large business and economic district in the Philippines, one of the highly urbanized areas in the country. Tagaytay City is 50-miles away from Metro Manila and close to the world's smallest active volcano. Subic Bay Freeport Zone is the world's premier freeport. It's a special economic zone that attracts tourists that come from all over the world. There are cruise visits and most of them spend their time at its Central Business District.


MeHeartAsia may have failed to add VietNam at first, but that doesn't change the fact that this country is very welcoming to expats. Most people prefer to stay in the northern part of the country. The cost of living is either low or very reasonable, the structures and houses look very well which most expats love, according to those who actually lived there. Transportation in VietNam is pretty good except for big cities. That's why most expats prefer to live in the northern part of VietNam, it's more quiet, and more convenient. The culture of VietNam is very authentic and diverse, and it's one of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia, and is highly influenced by the Chinese culture.


Thailand, a tropical asian environment where most expats live in its capital, Bangkok. Some of them live in Phuket and Chiang Mai. The healthcare cost is low and excellent, the cost of living is very low depending on your place, Although, the cost of living in Thailand is starting to rise since 2019. As of January 2020, the crime rate is low. English is widely spoken and there are friendly people.



Indonesia is somehow safe to travel to and stay at, considering the cost of living is low, the health services are very cheap and adequate, and as of today, It is easier to gain permission to stay unlike in the past. Most expats and retirees are around its capital, Jakarta. English is widely spoken and most people are friendly. Although, you need to be very cautious on the streets of Indonesia and if you ever plan to travel in this country, you need to plan carefully.


Just like Indonesia, the cost of living in Cambodia is reasonable, and it's easy to gain the right to stay. Most expats and retirees are americans as the country draws them for its low living cost and culture. The overall safety and risk factors in Cambodia is at medium level. According to The Culture Trip, "Cambodia is safe, Of course, like anywhere else in the world, crime happens and expats should be wary of bag snatches, which are a common occurrence, especially before major public holidays when Cambodians are expected to return to their homeland with stacks of cash for the family"