Seeing The Philippines in Monochrome

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Sometimes, we just want to see things in black and white. Our colour department may depend on our own taste. As we do a lot of research, one of the most popular is monochrome. Black and white simply contains all colours and at the same time excludes all of it. Seeing things in black and white is just as beautiful as appreciating other colors. In this article, We'll focus at this country in Asia through monochrome images. The Philippines, also known as Asia's rising tiger. Isn't it good to hear that you can find most places in one country? From highly-urbanized areas and rejuvenating places to preserved Spanish and Asian architecture. As you can see from the featured photo that is sourced from Unsplash.com, it features Metro Manila, how it breathes and how the photo takes the breath away of some people. It's a beautiful city yet to be developed even further.


Bonifacio Global City

A large hectare property inside Taguig City in Metro Manila is Bonifacio Global City or BGC, one of the highly urbanized areas and one of the biggest central business districts in the country. In Bonifacio Global City, you can eat, live, work and play. Some of the developments that took place in the past few years are the popular "Bonifacio High Street" that forms the core of the Bonifacio Global City and is essentially designed as a three-by-three matrix of high-tech offices and residential buildings, retail outlets and pedestrian-friendly roads and walkways. The place has a great atmosphere and it's a place where you can spend and enjoy your time. There's also an area called "Burgos Circle" and it's where you can see a lot of supercars parked on the streets. A part of Bonifacio Global City is "North Bonifacio" this is where the tallest skyscraper in the Philippines is located. It is the Grand Hyatt Manila, you can see the building in the photo featuring a nice cone top.


Palawan has always been a great place for vacation, not just for Filipinos but there's also a lot of foreigners that travel to Palawan and spend their time. One of the most popular hotspots in Palawan is El Nido and Coron. Of course the island of Palawan has climate situations, the southern part of the island is virtually free from tropical depressions but northern Palawan experiences torrential rains during the months of July and August. The culture and economy of Palawan is mainly agricultural. The three major crops are palay, corn and coconut. Mineral resources include nickel, copper, manganese, and chromite. Logging is also a major industry. Palawan has one of the richest fishing grounds in the country. About 45% of Manila's supply of fish comes from here.


Established in the 16th century, Vigan is a city in the Philippines, on the west coast of Luzon island. It's known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. Vigan has maintained its authenticity in its grid street pattern, historic urban lay out and use of open spaces. The historic buildings have maintained their traditional uses for commercial at the lower floors and as residence for the owners on the upper floors. Calle Crisologo (Crisologo Street), the cobble-stoned street in Vigan with Spanish period ancestral houses left and right, puts on different faces depending on the time of day. Photographers will love this time when the light is soft.


Windmills by the Bay, Bangui Bay

Bangui Bay, Philippines is where you can hear the sound of roaring blades and crashing waves at the same time. It's also where you can see these enormous 70-metre high Vestas windmills. The place is very cold, the wind breezes, and it makes you think of new opportunities in life. Sounds unflattering but, it is true, at least for some people. There's 20 units of windmills at this place. It's one of the most beautiful scenery that we've ever seen. It's a stunning sight to see in a beautiful location.

Subic Bay

Subic Bay has also been a tourist spot for a while now. Just like Bonifacio Global City, it's where you can live, eat, work and play. Although, Subic Bay is divided into different areas. From industrial parks, renewable energy areas, to housings, and a central business district. Subic Bay is currently having major developments but not as big as what you can see at Bonifacio Global City. Subic Bay Freeport Zone also known as the premier freeport in the entire world, this is where you can live, work and just enjoy your time. It has malls, duty-frees, a waterfront, events center, and it's also where you can find a lot of tourists since there are cruise visits in "Alava Pier" that is located at Waterfront, Central Business District.

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